Wall colors can truly transform spaces, in aesthetical terms. This holds true for commercial and residential spaces. Whether it is home color or office color, one thing is quite obvious: that the applied colors need to accentuate the overall style, create the right ambiance and elevate the mood.

Let’s look at the latest trends in wall colors for houses. A house reflects the residents’ personality and lifestyle. Though a house is a small and cohesive unit, every section of it has a unique character, and deserves befitting colors. But are there any reliable guidelines on house painting color combinations? For instance, how can one select the perfect bedroom colors or kitchen wall colors from a wide range of paint shades? Is it nice to go for a two color combination for bedroom walls?

In fact, there is no universal home color strategy. Creativity plays a major role in selecting the wall paint colors for your home. The traditional single-color approach is no longer in vogue, and the modern trend is to give houses a smart look by applying a two color combination for walls.

Of course, you can choose any color as the wall color—as long as it reflects or matches your home’s as well as residents’ distinct identity or vibes.

Don’t ignore the furniture and furnishings

Furniture and furnishings are an integral part of home style, and need to be considered while choosing an accent wall color: go for lighter or complementary shades that emphasize the room’s furniture.

Space too matters. Lighter wall colors make the space look bigger, but darker shades make it warm and comfortable.

Have a clear color theme

Before setting out to paint your home, you need to have a home color theme. A color shade card can come handy in choosing the colors for various areas of the home. The color theme should ensure that there is a smooth flow of colors across.

Yet another key element to consider with respect to house painting designs and colors is the paint finish. You can have different finishes for different areas, or multiple finishes in a single area as well.  You can choose from diverse finishes such as satin, silk, eggshell and matte. The finish should complement the spatial and functional aspects of the area. The smooth finish of lustre paints is recommended for children’s rooms, as it helps to keep the walls free of stain and dirt.

Living room wall paints

Living room is where family members and guests spend most of the time. Earthy or neutral colors as well as common blue, gray and beige are all perfect for living rooms. A bold two-shade approach that elevates the mood is also gaining popularity.

Bedroom wall paints

Bedroom walls and ceilings allow for a lot of experimentation. Colors such as lavender, soft green, pale blue, soft gray and deep blue—and their lighter shades—are all finding their way into the bedrooms. However, the classic cream and white still reign supreme in bedrooms.

Kitchen wall paints

The color concept for kitchen must be driven by a quest to enhance the level of comfort and freedom in the kitchen. Popular kitchen colors are the bright white, grey, yellow and green, as well as the warm orange and red.

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