The season of bright colors that give calming energy is back. The right colors can set the perfect summer mood and give you the feeling you so eagerly await, the feeling of a cool breeze on your face, of a relaxing vacation day, of leaving your worries behind, the feeling of tranquillity.

Let your mood take shape in the form of the perfect interiors using the perfect colors. Here are our top 5 picks, taking you where you want to go this summer.

1. Graceful greens and mango yellow:

Yellow is a must when creating a lovely summer feeling in your home. The bright color takes over your space and adds an eye catching appeal, whether used through furniture or on your walls. Green complements bright yellow spaces with the balance and assurity it sets. It intones nature and playfully tells the story of your perfect summer.

2. Coral blue and cloud white:

These two colors just blend in perfect harmony. Think ocean, think the sparkle of the calm waters as the sun reflects off it. Not only does coral blue give your home a creative spark and vibrant energy, the cloud white color bounces off radiation, bliss and intrigue. White furniture that stands out through blue walls is a simple yet seamless way to go about with this combination.

3. Paradise purple and crystal cream:

Ignite your passion and power with the perfect paradise purple tone. A mouthful of a sentence, but a very valid reason to choose this combination for your spaces. In this case, a minimalistic look with cream colored walls and purple pops in furniture and display would tie your room up beautifully.

4. Blissful brown and sunny yellow:

Brown is the perfect color to connect with nature. Whether it’s a dusty brown hue or a dark bark brown, or even a choice of sand or soil brown, the walls of your home can be made mesmeric by adding your favorite tones to set the right mood for the summer. Pair this with a bright, hot yellow and watch your space brighten up and elevate your energy.

5. Flamingo pink and gratuitous gray

Cheerful, relaxing and soothing for your surroundings, choose this look to display a beautiful blend of colors that harmonize to deliver your perfect summer mood. The power of pink is seen through brighter spaces and a cheerful environment, whether you decide to paint this in your bedroom or your living room. Gray walls with hints of pink and pink décor on white or beige would enliven your designs.

There you have it! Summer is here, the days are longer, hotter and frankly better spent at home. So, create the perfect environment for you to enjoy your summer indoors and immerse into the pretty colors that have the power to transcend your sunny season.