Your living room creates the first impression of your home, the perfect space for lounging and conversation. Whatever style or personality, the colors you choose can communicate the tone of your space and can effectively impact the mood you are looking to set.

While it was tough choosing just 5, these are the best of the best colors to spark your originality and display your personality on the walls of your living room.

1. Gray

Our first choice might seem boring, but the right hue is here for you! It perfectly blends with any of your furniture and gives your room a splash of elegance and serenity. Giving your room a great modern look, it is among one of the most popular colors for a living room.

2. Green

Watch your room exhilarate with vibrance and color with an energetic splash of green. Add refreshing beige tones to accentuate this color better in your living space.

3. Biege

It’s subtle, it’s neutral and a great combination with most existing furniture your home encompasses. A variety in textures and color in furniture and elements also helps bring the room together.

4. Blue

Soothing, calming, and sparking creativity, blue paint takes you to the feeling of a warm serene day at the beach. Compliment it with lovely wooden furniture to give it a contemporary look.

5. Black

With the right amount of natural sunlight and the perfect lighting solutions in your living room, your black walls can bring a pop of color. This works best with minimalistic furniture of brighter colors that are accentuated with the dark walls, making a strong statement and providing a luxurious look for your space.

There you go! Get painting! Match your new furniture to your paint or your paint to your existing furniture and get inspired in your refurbished, fresh living room.