A business system for the commercial websites

A business system for the commercial websites

The world of communication between the enterprises is very complicated, so we have innovated developed products and services that facilitate the communication options and secure the best management of the information. We realize that the small enterprises seek for easy and simple solutions and for one destination to fulfill all its needs on the level of information technology services and solutions. Therefore, we offer by a work program for such enterprises suitable solutions that characterize with the best prices and strongest performance standards. KHELLAN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is the best partner for many small and large enterprises in the UAE.

The ability of adding unlimited number of sectors.

The website:

We will help you to have a website managed by the most recent technologies and high potentials and according to the highest quality and performance standards. The website of the enterprise will be designed in accordance with the standard criteria applicable in the websites for ensuring the streamlining and simplicity of your website design and version. In addition, the website contains two control panels; one facilitates obtaining or editing any information related to your website and the other is specific to your email that enable you to add any emails according to the space specified for you in the schedules of service. We also ensure the streamline browsing and easy operation of the website on any new generation browsers. Briefly, this is the best solution for you to have an easy and simple website in consideration of a suitable and wonderful price!! You will enjoy with a discount of 55% on the price real value, and you can select the plan suitable for you among the plans mentioned in the schedule below. Moreover, you can select any supplements to the plan in consideration of a nominal price.

Business packages:

The business packages ensure more flexible management of your website. Here, we introduce the schedule of package which are divided into (4) packages with only the cost price; don't worry the offered price is very simple. The business packages are divided into 4 categories according to the service and price which ensure the flexibility, specify your needs, and make your dream come true by having a website which has become a necessary requirement such days. There are various plans you can choose from which start with the bronze business package that has a fixed design which you select its color and distribution and we will add your slogan to such package after offering the support services. You can also choose the silver business package which characterizes with a space and specifications more than the bronze business package. In addition, there is the golden business package which has a specific design and includes the images and colors according to your choice, plus a big space and a service for preparing the content and for adding the emails of your employees. The last package is the platinum business package which fulfils all your needs with a distinctive, exclusive, and professional way starting with the website, space, slogan of your enterprise, and the integral management of your website during a period you determine. We give you the chance to choose and we are at your service.

The packages available to customers:

The plan name Bronze business package Silver business package Golden business package Platinum business package
The technical specifications
A domain you select which contains one of the extensions: Org, net, com        
The hosting plane (the storage space) 500 megabytes 600 megabytes 1000 megabytes 2000 megabytes
The data transfer rate (Bandwidth) 10,000 megabytes 12,000 megabytes 30,000 megabytes 45,000 megabytes
The cash system for faster browsing        
Daily, weekly, and monthly backup        
Round the clock technical support for hosting        
Installation and preparation of the email on the employees computers using the (Microsoft outlook) program        
The software services
KHELLAN program license for the commercial content management        
  1. Integrated software systems (news system, subscription system for the data entries, mailing lists, image gallery, complete correspondence system, video system, a control system for the side menus)
  2. Dynamic page system with the potential of controlling the titles.
  3. Multiple language system with the potential of activation of deactivation.
  4. Menu control system (the upper, side, and bottom).
  5. Application dynamic system, with the potential of creating and previewing any application or form.
The structure of KHELLAN script for managing the commercial content        
Language support (Arabic, English, French,…etc)        
Free subscription for one month in the KHELLAN script support for managing the commercial content        
Adding the content to the website (the number with A4 pages). A sum of 50 AED is calculated for any page of the additional content 5 10 15 20
Adding and handling the images related to the content of the website. A sum of 10 AED is calculated for any image in the additional content 5 10 15 20
Adding Google map + the coordinates of the company        
The design services
Executing the default design of the program with the ability to change the slogan        
Special design and distribution for the website suitable to the search engines        
A design compatible with the mobile phones (A copy for the mobile phone)        
Designing and formatting banners and signatures of the Email, with average of 10 employees for any company        
The final price of service
The price before discount 4,500 7,500 9,500 14,500
The discount rate 2,000 3,000 3,500 5,000
The price after discount 2,500 4,500 6,000 9,500
The annual / renewal services
The annual renewal price of the domain 65 65 65 65
The annual renewal price of the hosting 450 550 750 1000
The license renewal price of the KHELLAN program updates for managing the annual commercial content (optional) 250 350 450 550
Ordering the product Order now Order now Order now Order now

The terms and conditions:

  1. The following offer shall apply only to the small and medium enterprises and on enterprises supported by Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, The Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Establishment for Developing the Small and Medium Enterprises, Ruwad Establishment, SAUD BIN SAQR PROGRAM FOR Young Business Leaders, or any national or local enterprise categorized under such category.
  2. The customer shall commit to the secrecy and privacy of the scripts installed by KHELLN and shall not disclose, distribute, or offer all such scripts or part hereof without a written permission from KHELLAN.
  3. The customer shall commit to not removing the slogan or the right sentences related to the scripts or designs that are displayed in the bottom side of the script or the design. In case of removal, the customer shall terminate the service agreement which includes in some cases the development, renewal, or obtaining agreed upon features.
  4. KHELLAN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS shall adhere to providing all kinds of support and development and repairing all errors and notes related to the system during the experimental period and repairing all errors and notes in the entry process according to the agreed upon schedule of the system regular maintenance.
  5. KHELLAN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS shall commit to keeping the secrecy of the scripts and data entered to it and shall commit to not using any file outside the enterprise without obtaining an approval from the enterprise.
  6. Any additional request outside the range of the offer indicated in the above mentioned schedule shall be executed in consideration of additional fees.
  7. The Email shall be remotely set up by using Team Viewer script, and a sum of (100 AED) shall be paid in consideration of any setup inside Al-Ain city and a sum of (250 AED) shall be paid in consideration of any setup outside Al-Ain city.
  8. In case of ordering the  .ae  domain related to the UAE, an additional sum of (200) AED  shall be calculated in consideration of the fees of registration in Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.
  9. No additional discounts shall apply to the current offer.
  10. The terms and conditions of KHELLAN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS shall be applicable.

The payment and receipt system:

  • 50% of the contract value is paid before starting the business.
  • The remaining 50% of the contract value is paid when receiving the business.

How can you order your system?

A special price
Order the product and enjoy with a discount of 20% The discount code is A3mal-20

The direct contact
Phone No:  009713 7660020
Fax No: 009713 7666287

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