KHELLAN market

KHELLAN market

KHELLAN market

Why do you choose KHELLAN market?

  • Easy of use; it doesn't need an experience in dealing with the codes.
  • Arabic and English control panel
  • An easy system for uploading and downloading the files
  • Developed and updated copies in consideration of nominal prices
  • The ability of linking the website with the social websites and automatically posting your shares
  • A sophisticated technical support staff in your service
  • High quality specifications compatible with the standard criteria
  • A world company has many branches with a continuous technical support 24 hours/7 days

The work environment of the system:

  • The system has been programmed using the latest version of the (PHP) language
  • The system depends on the (MySQL) databases introduced by (Oracle Corporation)
  • The system depends on the framework of KHELLAN that constitutes the main structure of it by using the (MVC) technology
  • Supporting the modern programming libraries such as (Ajax-JQuery)
  • The system is compatible with the web system (Web 2.0)

The technical specifications required for hosting:

  • KHELLAN offers competitive hosting plans; however, if you prefer the program hosting to your private hosting, KHELLAN will provide you with the system suitable to your server. For utilizing the system in its real performance, the following points should be available on your hosting server:
  • Supporting the PHP language by which the system has been programmed (Note: KHELLAN has similar solutions for programming by the ASP.Net language)
  • The MySQL database system
  • Activating the PDO system for handling the databases if it is deactivated by the service provider.
  • The encoding handling system (IonCubeLoader). As we protect the property rights, believe in the sanctity of privacy, and secure your possession, we have chosen the best method of encoding (encoding by the IonCube system) for protecting your programming ideas privacy and the privacy of your requirements.
  • Activating the (Apache Rewrite Mode) or (Mode Rewrite) feature which has multiple uses, such as:
  • We introduce you a feature for controlling the types of links on your website to be apparent before both of you and your customers, according to what you see suitable.
  • The assistance for archiving your enterprise website in a better way on the search engines.
  • Preventing the hackers from knowing the types of data sent from and to your website pages.

The programming capabilities

  • Arabic / English language
  • Free dynamic pages system
  • The market system
  • The auction system
  • The mailing list system
  • The system of blocks control
  • The search system
  • The advertisements system
  • The website map system (xml)
  • Contact us
  • The comments system
  • The groups / administrators system
  • The voting system
  • The system of templates control
  • The payment system using the PAYPAL system
  • The system of advertisement activation by SMS
  • The short message service
  • The extra fields system
  • The advanced search system for products

The general settings:

  • The ability to close or open the website and leave a message
  • The ability to link the website with the social networking websites
  • The ability to add a logo for linking your website with the other websites
  • The links control
  • The basic language control
  • The basic style control
  • The website description and tags control

The departments:

  • The ability to add infinite basic departments
  • The ability to add infinite subsidiary departments
  • The ability to appoint webmasters specific to each department to manage itli>
  • The ability to change the department data
  • The ability to add an image expressive of the department
  • The ability to open the department for the visitors
  • The ability to display the departments in a mobile bar form for displaying the recent departments

The market system:

You can easily exhibit your commodity, add departments and subsidiary departments in the system, and order the commodity for the visitor. You can also add more than one image for one commodity beside its specifications, add extra fields by which you easily control the product type; ie, (the phone numbers – the car numbers). In addition, you can add a true copy of a number and an image for the telecommunications company the number belongs to and etc..., according to the exhibited commodity.

  • You can add items to departments or add items without the need to departments, if the departments haven't been activated
  • The ability to specify the number of items shown on each page
  • The ability to control the transmission, evaluation, and sharing options of the materials on the website by the visitors as you can stop or activate the feature of sharing
  • A developed search system

The search system:

The user can search by more than one way with the market introduced by KHELLAN:-

  • The first way is the simple one: The visitor or member writes the words that he/she wants to search for, and such words will be searched for in all contents of the website. The search results will be displayed after dividing and detailing them.
  • The second is the advanced way: The visitor or user makes search by filling in a form; he/she chooses the library he/she wants to search in and the department to search by, with the ability to specify a frame for opening the results.

The auction system:

The KHELLAN market system introduces a new system which is the auction system; the commodity will be easily and simply exhibited and overbid. Only add the commodity and describe the initial amount of money to be overbid, then the sale will be done with the highest price, according to the number of days specified for exhibiting the commodity.

The extra fields system:

This part appears as a result of adding a main department where the advertisements details that will be added in this department; i.e. the cars, will be specified. The fields of year – color - etc will be added, but the real estate will have different details, such as the kind (lands, flats, villas...etc). The fields will be added according to what mentioned, and there is an ability to add all kinds of fields (text field – number field – content field – field of content with documents - image field - drop down menu field – multi-select filed – multiple choice field). You can arrange the fields as you want, edit at any time, and delete them. There is an ability to specify whether they are compulsory, apparent in the search or not.

The advertisement activation system by SMS:

The payment will be via SMS, so the message numbers and advertisements prices will be defined for the distinctive, golden, and normal ratings.

The short message service:

The ability to activate short messages sent to the customer who makes the addition with a text you add, in addition to the advertisement number, and also after the modification.

The payment system using the PAYPAL system:

You can link the system via the PAYPAL payment system by opening an account in the PAYPAL, linking such account with the market system, and adding the payment method from the website control panel.

The advanced search system for products:

You can easily search for a product by using the search system on the website where you can choose the product value and the subsidiary department, then making the search. You can also search in the all website departments.

The free pages system:

  • The ability to add infinite free pages
  • Control the pages with the competences
  • The ability to choose a specific page to be a page under the title "about us"

The search engines support

  • The RSS system
  • The sitemap feature (Sitemap-XML)
  • The system of html pages compatible with the search engines
  • The ability to modify the title, description, assistant words for all pages
  • The ability to choose the links types (files - normal) from the website general settings
  • The ability to control the link extension; for example (html - jsp - php - aspx)

The comments

The ability to comment on any of the advertisements and control the comments to make them directly apparent or waiting for the activation with the competences

The add-ons and accessories

The ability to add any new add-ons, such as the (audio) system, as soon as its installation on the system, without the need to refer to the Technical Support.

  • The prayers times
  • The translation
  • The currency exchange rates
  • The weather

The blocks control

The visitor and user can control the blocks places by specifying the block place. Such procedure will give all visitors/users the chance to arrange the website in the ways they see suitable, without imposing a fixed shape.

The advertisements system

  • The control: The control by addition, modification, deletion, activation, and arrangement.
  • The addition: It consists of the phases of the department choice, the details addition, the preview, and the payment, if found
  • The types: (Auction – supply and demand)
  • The ratings: (normal advertisement – distinctive advertisement – golden advertisement – sold advertisement – expired advertisement – inactivated advertisement).

The management and competences

  • A system that includes the system webmasters and administrators, with specifying the permissions of each webmaster
  • The ability to assign webmasters for each part of the system
  • The ability to specify the webmasters competences for managing specific features (departments-modification,...and etc) .
  • You can also control the competences for displaying a department, or an item of a department, for all or for a specific group with the control panel for making the administrative procedures on a department or on an item; such as (addition, modification, deletion, deactivation)

The mobile design

The script style includes a mobile that operates on all the mobile-related-browsers; it is characterized with the speed and designed according to the standard criteria of the mobile screens of different sizes.

The database

  • The ability to take a backup of the database from the control panel
  • The system of database errors repair

Additional advantages:

  • The ability to dispense with the departments for a direct handling of the items; you are not obliged to create departments for adding items into them.
  • The system provides the data with the safety feature
  • The system characterizes with the speed
  • The ability to close the website and leave the message which you want the visitors to see
  • The infinite levels of departments (a basic department, a subsidiary department, a subsidiary of a subsidiary department,…etc)
  • Controlling all the system parts
  • The link types control (Query String or Itemed)
  • Changing the language in case of browsing will not affect the browsing place (your place is fixed even if you change the browsing language)
  • Isolating the control panel into a separated folder for providing an intensive separated protection
  • The system doesn't require installing all the add-ons (the system can operate with one or more systems)
  • The deletion or deactivation of a system never affects any other parts of the system
  • The developed warning system: when performing any process on any item or department, the user will be warned with a message which its color differs according to the message type
    Green = indicative of the successful completion of the process
    Red = indicative of an error
  • An infinite language support
  • Authentication of the search engines with the system of links compatible with SEO
  • The search engines authentication of the content via the tags
  • The momentary edit system as soon as pressing, without transforming to the edit data page (the phrases - the department titles...)
  • Using the MVC system
  • Encoding by the IONCUBE system
  • Offering statistics for all additions (detailed – general)
  • Supporting more than one files format
  • The ability to share all the website content with the social networks
  • The ability to add the private software accessories on the system without causing any harm to any part of the system
  • The system can be updated without losing any data of the previous versions
  • A developed system of competences that enable you to control granting the competences on all parts of your website, whether on the user interface (visitor – member) or on the management interface (general manger – data entry, ..etc) (differs according to the system)
  • Recording the events happened on the system
  • The backup, update, and repair of the database
  • Archiving the content and automatically changing it to RSS
  • The multiple style system for making changes to the website design with no restraints
  • The multiple pages system with the ability to control the number of items appear on the page to start browsing if there is an exceeding number of items
  • The web directory system (the paths of the pages from the home page to the page you mention)
  • Using the Text Smart Editor (to edit your website content with the simplest way)
  • The ability to filter and momentarily arrange the items without the need to edit all the item. There are many advantages, but we give you the chance to try

Images for the system


Trial version

The user interface

The control panel

The data of signing in
The username:
The password: Kds2012

The accessories and system price

Item Price The price after discount (35%)
The basic system 5900 AED 3835 AED
Hosting of 1000 MB - optional 800 AED 520 AED
The script design - optional 1500 AED 975 AED
The total amount/th> 8500 AED 5525 AED

How can you order your system?

Special price
Order the product now and enjoy with a discount of 35%. The discount code is souq-35

Via the customer service system

Requesting KHELLAN market system

The direct contact
Phone No:  009713 7660020
Fax No: 009713 7666287

And we are pleased with receiving your phone calls or the honorable meeting with you at our office in Al-Ain city For information, press here

The timeframe of the delivery



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